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Oh Dear...Tick Season is coming...

 24 Jul 2016   published by: Jennifer Pitt   

Tick season in Port Macquarie and coastal surrounding areas can go from August/September through to February – the outbreak of ticks at this time is very dependent on the climate of the seasons.

During this time it is so important to check your pets for ticks every day.

 Always use your fingernails to feel through your pet’s coat, remove the collar and pay attention to skin folds especially around the legs, ears, head, in-between the toes and also the mouth.

It is so important to have your pet on tick prevention medication - ask your veterinarian about the best type of medication and ask advice on how to remove a tick.  A special hook or tweezers can also be used.

Take your pet to your veterinarian clinic if you are concerned at all about a tick being on your pet or its removal; even though the tick may be gone, it is still advisable to seek medical treatment.


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Happiness for all, depends on...

 1 Jun 2016   published by: Jennifer Pitt   


Daily exercise, playtime and enrichment are vital for your dog’s happiness and health. They are social, interactive animals; just like ‘us’ humans and they too can suffer from stress, separation anxiety, boredom and grief. 

Engaging in playtime with your pooch reinforces the relationship and that special bond that you have as well as outwardly directly energy, which could otherwise be, used as destructive behavior when you are not around.

Training & Positive Reinforcement

If you have a puppy it is a great idea to take them to puppy pre-school and then continuing on with obedience training. 

It is important to socialize your dog and introduce them to other dogs, parks, and various surroundings.

Dog training should be a fun and happy time for your dog and everyone in the family. Positive reinforcement is such a powerful tool and will help to ensure that your dog will repeat the behavior that you want them to do. Keep commands short and consistent and remember to be patient .The experience will pay off in the end and your dog will learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

And just so you know…you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!


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Enrichment in your dog's world is a wonderful and beautiful thing...

 1 May 2016   published by: Jennifer Pitt   

Enrichment is an important factor when you have a dog and can take many forms such as physical, food-based, social or environmental. If unsure, it is best to consult with your veterinarian regarding enrichment tools.

 A fully balanced diet and plenty of fresh water is very important and is a factor that will assist your pooch to not go on a destructive spree in the backyard or in the house. Your veterinarian can also advise on the best balanced diet for your dog.

To keep your dog stimulated you can try the following:

  • Contact ‘Rolls & Strolls’ for walks around the beaches or parks
  • Play with your dog more, especially in a calm and positive environment with such games as fetch, tug-o-war, frisbee, hide & seek. These are all enrichment tools
  • Socialise with doggy friends – start up a doggy date coffee group with friends
  • Try puppy pre-school and obedience classes
  •  Agility classes are fantastic for some particular breeds
  • Hide toys that offer mental and oral stimulation with healthy treats (eg.liver treats) inside ‘kongs’ in the backyard so your dog can find them
  • Affirm your dog when you leave them that you will be back
  • When you depart, rotate their favourite chew toys, so they don’t have the same toy every day
  • Leave a favourite treat
  • Put some soft music on for background noise, this can be a mechanism for comfort
  • Leave pet beds in favourite and different areas of the house or backyard - perhaps one in the sun and one in the shade for different times of the day
  • Ensure that you have plenty of fresh clean water in a clean water bowl
  • Leave a bowl of your dog’s healthy biscuits – they are good for their teeth and digestion
  • Make feeding a routine - the same time every day


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