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Jennifer Pitt

Happiness for all, depends on...

 1 Jun 2016   published by: Jennifer Pitt   


Daily exercise, playtime and enrichment are vital for your dog’s happiness and health. They are social, interactive animals; just like ‘us’ humans and they too can suffer from stress, separation anxiety, boredom and grief. 

Engaging in playtime with your pooch reinforces the relationship and that special bond that you have as well as outwardly directly energy, which could otherwise be, used as destructive behavior when you are not around.

Training & Positive Reinforcement

If you have a puppy it is a great idea to take them to puppy pre-school and then continuing on with obedience training. 

It is important to socialize your dog and introduce them to other dogs, parks, and various surroundings.

Dog training should be a fun and happy time for your dog and everyone in the family. Positive reinforcement is such a powerful tool and will help to ensure that your dog will repeat the behavior that you want them to do. Keep commands short and consistent and remember to be patient .The experience will pay off in the end and your dog will learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

And just so you know…you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!




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