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Jennifer Pitt

Oh Dear...Tick Season is coming...

 24 Jul 2016   published by: Jennifer Pitt   

Tick season in Port Macquarie and coastal surrounding areas can go from August/September through to February – the outbreak of ticks at this time is very dependent on the climate of the seasons.

During this time it is so important to check your pets for ticks every day.

 Always use your fingernails to feel through your pet’s coat, remove the collar and pay attention to skin folds especially around the legs, ears, head, in-between the toes and also the mouth.

It is so important to have your pet on tick prevention medication - ask your veterinarian about the best type of medication and ask advice on how to remove a tick.  A special hook or tweezers can also be used.

Take your pet to your veterinarian clinic if you are concerned at all about a tick being on your pet or its removal; even though the tick may be gone, it is still advisable to seek medical treatment.




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