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Pet Care Services


Dog Walking & Pet Care Services


Dog Walking

Regular exercise and incorporating play are an important part of your dog's day.

Dogs are social animals and can suffer from stress, separation anxiety, boredom and grief, which is why consistent and positive interaction is imperative to their fitness, mental stimulation and ultimately their happiness.

Rolls & Strolls can walk your dog for you at a dog friendly area or at a destination of your preference and return your dog to you tired, content and happy.

Rates for Dog Walking:

1 hour $25.00
2 hours $45.00
4 hours $65.00
Additional Dog $10.00



walking dog on beach


Pet Sitting

Pet sitting reduces stress and anxiety for all, by allowing your animals to be comfortable in their own surroundings.

Rolls & Strolls in home pet sitting means that you don’t need to be concerned about your dog or pets if you are unable to be at home with them.

You will return home to a relaxed and stress free pet.

Rates for Pet Sitting:

2 hours $45.00
3 hours $55.00
4 hours $65.00
6 hours $85.00



pet sitting service


Pet Care Visits

In home pet visits are ideal when you have to leave your dog or pets at home due to working long hours or having to take an unexpected day trip.

Rolls & Strolls can check on your animals to ensure they are comfortable, well and content and can remain consistent with their feeding times.

You will have the comfort of knowing that your pet is being cared for and they will be happy to see you on your return home.

Rates for a Pet Care Visit:

30 minutes $15.00
1 hour $25.00



pet visit service


Please Note:

1. Rolls & Strolls provides a 'weekend pet package' which includes a morning and afternoon walk and meals on a Saturday and Sunday. The fee is at the discretion of Rolls & Strolls and in agreement with you.

2. If you require different services from the ones noted here a customized plan for your dog and/or pets can be arranged for an additional fee.

3. There is an additional $10 transit fee for all services outside of Port Macquarie.