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Terms & Conditions:


Consultation Forms: Rolls & Strolls Consultation and Information forms need to be fully completed at the time of the initial consultation. These forms cover such information such as client name, contact number, email and street address and the contact details of your veterinarian. Your dog and/or pets details will be required such as name, breed, distinguishing features, sex, vaccinations, council registration tag, microchip number, medication, current exercise regime, feeding, temperament & behaviour. Rolls & Strolls requires your animals’ details for their safety and the safety of Rolls & Strolls staff.

Health: All dogs and pets must be in good health. All animals must be fully vaccinated and have all their vaccinations up to date.  They must be on flea and tick prevention. It is also preferable that your dog is de-sexed.

Food: Owners must ensure that there is adequate food to cover the pet sitting or pet care service.

Walking: Dogs are preferably walked individually, unless from the same family – up to two extra dogs. This will be at Rolls & Strolls discretion.

Home Safety: The home environment - house and backyard, including the parameters must be secure for all animals and the safety for Rolls & Strolls staff.

Council Registration & Identification: Your dog must be registered with your local Council, wear a collar with contact and identification information. Your dog must be micro-chipped and it is also helpful for leads and harnesses to be labelled. Please update the Council register if any of your contact and/or location details change.

Behaviour: Owners must ensure that their dogs do not show aggression, threatening behavior or uncontrolled barking to other people or dogs. It is preferable that dogs have a basic level of obedience and an understanding of basic commands for their own safety and the safety of Rolls & Strolls staff. Rolls & Strolls reserves the right to refuse to take a dog for walking, pet sitting or a pet visit if they display aggressive behavior.

Property Access & Security: You will need to provide a key for access to your dog/pets (e.g. via the main entrance, side gate or a garage) which can be supplied at consultation or other arrangements can be made. A security check of the house and backyard at the end of the dog walking, pet sitting or a pet care visit will always occur.

Cancellations: The client will be charged the full service fee for a ‘no-show’ or cancellation on the day of the booking.

Payment: Rolls & Strolls only accepts cash, bank deposit and cheque. Payment is required at the time of booking or after the Rolls & Strolls service.

Waste: For all services, dog waste will be collected and responsibly disposed of.

Extreme Weather: Rolls & Strolls reserves the right to cancel services in extreme weather - storms and heat.

Pet Guardianship: If the unfortunate circumstance arises where your dog and/or pets are unable to be returned to you, Rolls & Strolls requires the name and contact details of a temporary guardian. Please ensure that the nominated person is aware that they have been appointed.

Privacy: The information that Rolls & Strolls will collect about you and your pets will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Emergency Care: Should your dog or pet require medical attention, with your approval, Rolls & Strolls will take your pet to your veterinarian. This is an additional $25 surcharge.

Accessibility: Rolls & Strolls will always carry a mobile phone at all times for all services and will supply towels, waste bags, treats, spare leads, collars and portable water bowls.

Confirmation of Booking: A text, email or phone call will be made prior to the day of the booking.

Availability: Is not guaranteed. Rolls & Strolls will try to accommodate you and your pets at your required dates and times.

Refusal of Service: Rolls & Strolls reserves the right to refuse or cancel any service to any client.

Public Holiday Fee: Additional $25 surcharge.

Transit Fee: For services outside of Port Macquarie, there is an additional $10 surcharge.

Tailor Made Program Fee: From $10. At the discretion of Rolls & Strolls and in agreement with the client.

Insurance: Rolls & Strolls is fully insured including public liability insurance.

Security: Successfully holds current police check & certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Rates: Please see 'Services' page.